Table top selection for PK54™, PK61™ and PK61A™

The marble used by Fritz Hansen for these unique Poul Kjærholm table tops derives from the mountains in the southern part of Italy. What is unique about the marble is that the further you go in the quarry, the more the stones change. A stone today will be completely different to a stone picked last year. Every single marble table top is unique because its appearance is determined by the temperature conditions that apply at the time the marble is cut from the mountain. Some tops contain many different fossils and have a dramatic look, while others are calmer in appearance. Marble is a natural material that simply looks the way it does, and cannot be changed. This is what makes each table top unique.

Below choose the exact table top you would like for your new table.

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PK54_BE_281 PK54_BE_281
PK54_BE_283 PK54_BE_283
PK54_BE_284 PK54_BE_284
PK54_BE_286 PK54_BE_286
PK54_BE_432 PK54_BE_432
PK54_BL_450 PK54_BL_450
PK54_BL_451 PK54_BL_451
PK54_BL_452 PK54_BL_452
PK54_BL_453 PK54_BL_453
PK_54_BL_141 PK_54_BL_141
PK_54_BL_142 PK_54_BL_142
PK_54_BL_144 PK_54_BL_144
PK_54_BL_147 PK_54_BL_147
PK54_GB_496 PK54_GB_496
PK54_GB_500 PK54_GB_500
PK54_GB_503 PK54_GB_503
PK54_GB_505 PK54_GB_505
PK54_WH_193 PK54_WH_193
PK54_WH_196 PK54_WH_196
PK54_WH_351 PK54_WH_351
PK54_WH_352 PK54_WH_352
PK54_WH_353 PK54_WH_353
PK54_WH_354 PK54_WH_354


PK61_BE_545 PK61_BE_545
PK61_BE_546 PK61_BE_546
PK61_BE_547 PK61_BE_547
PK61_BE_548 PK61_BE_548
PK61_BE_549 PK61_BE_549
PK61_BL_307 PK61_BL_307
PK61_BL_309 PK61_BL_309
PK61_BL_412 PK61_BL_412
PK61_BL_417 PK61_BL_417
PK61_BL_418 PK61_BL_418
PK61_BL_419 PK61_BL_419
PK61_BL_550 PK61_BL_550
PK61_BL_551 PK61_BL_551
PK61_BL_552 PK61_BL_552
PK61_GB_429 PK61_GB_429
PK61_GB_473 PK61_GB_473
PK61_GB_474 PK61_GB_474
PK61_GB_475 PK61_GB_475
PK61_GB_477 PK61_GB_477
PK61_GB_478 PK61_GB_478
PK61_WH_179 PK61_WH_179
PK61_WH_361 PK61_WH_361
PK61_WH_364 PK61_WH_364
PK61_WH_365 PK61_WH_365
PK61_WH_367 PK61_WH_367


PK61A_BE_448 PK61A_BE_448
PK61A_BE_685 PK61A_BE_685
PK61A_BE_687 PK61A_BE_687
PK61A_BE_688 PK61A_BE_688
PK61A_BE_946 PK61A_BE_946
PK61A_BE_947 PK61A_BE_947
PK61A_BL_871 PK61A_BL_871
PK61A_BL_951 PK61A_BL_951
PK61A_GB_523 PK61A_GB_523
PK61A_GB_525 PK61A_GB_525
PK61A_GB_526 PK61A_GB_526
PK61A_GB_531 PK61A_GB_531
PK61A_WH_210 PK61A_WH_210
PK61A_WH_212 PK61A_WH_212
PK61A_WH_970 PK61A_WH_970
PK61A_WH_971 PK61A_WH_971
PK61A_WH_972 PK61A_WH_972
PK61A_WH_973 PK61A_WH_973