Table top selection for PK54™, PK61™ and PK61A™

The marble used by Fritz Hansen for these unique Poul Kjærholm table tops derives from the mountains in the southern part of Italy. What is unique about the marble is that the further you go in the quarry, the more the stones change. A stone today will be completely different to a stone picked last year. Every single marble table top is unique because its appearance is determined by the temperature conditions that apply at the time the marble is cut from the mountain. Some tops contain many different fossils and have a dramatic look, while others are calmer in appearance. Marble is a natural material that simply looks the way it does, and cannot be changed. This is what makes each table top unique.

Below choose the exact table top you would like for your new table.

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PK54_B_000025 PK54_B_000025
PK54_B_000063 PK54_B_000063
PK54_B_000064 PK54_B_000064
PK54_B_000931 PK54_B_000931
PK54_B_000933 PK54_B_000933
PK54_B_000934 PK54_B_000934
PK54_BL_000722 PK54_BL_000722
PK54_BL_000723 PK54_BL_000723
PK54_BL_000724 PK54_BL_000724
PK54_BL_000725 PK54_BL_000725
PK54_GB_110 PK54_GB_110
PK54_GB_121 PK54_GB_121
PK54_GB_151 PK54_GB_151
PK54_GB_152 PK54_GB_152
PK54_GB_153 PK54_GB_153
PK54_W_000002 PK54_W_000002
PK54_W_000003 PK54_W_000003
PK54_W_000710 PK54_W_000710
PK54_W_000711 PK54_W_000711
PK54_W_000712 PK54_W_000712
PK54_W_000713 PK54_W_000713


PK61__GB_190 PK61__GB_190
PK61__GB_193 PK61__GB_193
PK61__GB_197 PK61__GB_197
PK61__GB_198 PK61__GB_198
PK61_CA_144 - W PK61_CA_144 - W


PK61A_B_000661 PK61A_B_000661
PK61A_B_000663 PK61A_B_000663
PK61A_B_000664 PK61A_B_000664
PK61A_B_000665 PK61A_B_000665
PK61A_B_000670 PK61A_B_000670
PK61A_BL_000692 PK61A_BL_000692
PK61A_BL_000695 PK61A_BL_000695
PK61A_BL_000950 PK61A_BL_000950
PK61A_BL_000951 PK61A_BL_000951
PK61A_BL_000952 PK61A_BL_000952
PK61A_BL_000953 PK61A_BL_000953
PK61A_GB_000023 PK61A_GB_000023
PK61A_GB_000942 PK61A_GB_000942
PK61A__GB_186 PK61A__GB_186
PK61A__GB__187 PK61A__GB__187
PK61A_W_000550 PK61A_W_000550
PK61A_W_000552 PK61A_W_000552
PK61A_W_000553 PK61A_W_000553
PK61A_W_000555 PK61A_W_000555